Deposit Mega Volume Training Dec. 2nd 2019

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Deposit Mega Volume Training Dec. 2nd 2019


$100 deposit is required and will be applied towards the balance on the day of the course. Inspired by the Russian Volume technique, our course focuses on the art of the fan. By using a finer diameter lash, we are able to create a 10-20 dimensional fan that weighs less than one classic lash extension. Not only will this protect your natural lash, but give you a thicker, fuller lash line. There are multiple ways to create fans, but we will teach you the quickest way to fan. Extensive hands on practice and demonstration will leave you equipped to return to your business with a skill that will not only will set you apart, but also increase your service prices. With mega volume, clients not only see an immediate difference, but feel a difference. Take your services to another level with higher education!


The kit includes high quality supplies that were either carefully selected. This is a must have kit for every beginner eyelash professional. The kit includes:

1 tray of 0.03 - C curl, 8mm-15mm mix

1 tray of 0.03 - CC curl, 8mm-15mm mix

1 tray of 0.05 - C curl, 8mm-15mm mix

1 tray of 0.05 - CC curl, 8mm-15mm mix

Medical grade microfoam tape

Mega volume tweezer

Straight tweezer

Foam Eyelash Cleanser

Makeup Brush

Jade Stone

Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Gel eye pads (5 pairs)